Jane Duncanson

In “A Dunfermline Bluestocking“, Jean Barclay presents a short biography of a Victorian pioneer in women’s education. Jane Duncanson was a primary school teacher who passed the LLA Diploma from St Andrews University.

The Tradesmen’s Library

George Robertson has compiled a history of an early Dunfermline Library, founded well before the current institution came into being. He has taken another piece from Alexander Stewart’s “Reminiscences of Dunfermline” as a starting point, then quoted from a range of other early accounts to bring us “The History of the Tradesmen’s Library“.

The Poor School

At the end of the Eighteenth century Scotland, and Dunfermline had very limited school provision, but several religious societies were working to try to improve things. In “The Life and Times of the Poor School of Dunfermline” Jean Barclay describes the short, but not straightforward, history of the Charity or Poor School.

Photo of Mary Thomson

Photograph of Miss Thomson, for many years Headmistress of Queen Anne Street School

When writing the article about Mary Thomson and the Female Industrial School, a great deal of searching was done to try and find a photograph of Mary or some of her pupils but with no success.   This photograph was found in the Journal Almanac 1913, a copy of which is in the Local History Section of Dunfermline Library.  Mary retired in 1881 and this picture was probably taken around that time.  It is extremely grainy in appearance but perhaps someone has the original print in their photo album? If so please contact the website.

More on Mrs More

In  March 2016  we published a “Did You Know” about Mrs More’s Seminary for Young Ladies in Cairneyhill. Earlier this year, the author, Elaine Campbell received an email from a descendant of one of the pupils, containing further information about the school. Elaine has now written a new article “Mrs More’s Seminary – Revisited” which provides a vivid picture of life there, nearly 180 years ago.