Video Lectures

On Line Talk 6th Jan 2022

The latest Video Lecture from Markinch is this Thursday, and will only be available then. Ian Archibald gave an excellent presentation to Dunfermline Historical Society, in 2016, on a similar topic “Shipwrecks of the Forth” so this should be a good video to watch.

Video Talks

We hope you enjoyed some of the video lectures we posted last season. It is quite easy to find more, either by searching the web directly, or by searching within YouTube. We found the following two sites particularly useful.

Dip In Video

Access to all Nigel Scott and Alan Short’s excellent Scottish history videos.

Society of Antiquaries of Scotland

Instead of going directly to their own website, it’s easier to go to YouTube and search for “Society of Antiquaries of Scotland” to find a long list of video lectures.

Fragments of the Bronze Age

This month’s featured YouTube video lecture is another presented by the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. It was given in the National Museums Scotland Auditorium, on the 9th March 2020, just before lockdown, by Dr. Matt Knight.

Dr Knight, who is Curator of Prehistory at National Museums Scotland, describes his own experimental archaeological research into the phenomenon of broken items found in Bronze Age hoards. By examining how these things were damaged, he has gained some fascinating insights into the possible reasons these objects were created and deposited. Unlike what we may have been told, it turns out you can’t just break a bronze sword over your knee!

The Power of The Land

This month’s featured video is another short film from Dip In Video, whose three part film on the Picts we posted last October. In “The Power of the Land” Alan Short and Nigel Scott have produced a summary of the history of land ownership in Scotland from pre-historic times to the present day. The film is illustrated by some marvellous video while their analysis describes how Scotland’s unusually concentrated system of land ownership evolved and goes on to make the case for continued land reform today.