DHS April 2024 Talk

Thursday 18th April at 7:30 pm.

Sue Mowat will give our April talk “Grave Errors”, in the Abbey Church Halls, Dunfermline.

Sue is a member of the Dunfermline Historical Society and a well known local historian who has carried out many research projects and published many articles on the history of Dunfermline. Some of her work is published on this website. She is the author of “The Port of Leith, It’s History and People” and “Fire, Foe and Finance” on life in 17th Century Dunfermline.

Sue was much involved in the Abbey Gravestone project, surveying and researching the stones.

As always, everyone is welcome with £3 admission charged to non-members.

March Talk 2024

Dunfermline Historical Society

21st March at 7:30 pm

The Abbey Church Halls, Abbey Park Place , Dunfermline

Robin Sharp will present “The George Lauder Legacy”. As most of us can remember, George Lauder was as uncle of Andrew Carnegie, after whom Dunfermline’s Technical College was originally named. But who was he and what else did he do? Local historian Robin Sharp, who has a deep interest in the heritage of Dunfermline, will tell us more.

As always, all are welcome with visitors charged £3 entrance.

February Talk 2024

Dunfermline Historical Society.

Thursday 15th February 2024 at 7:30 pm.

Abbey Church Halls, Abbey Park Place Dunfermline

Elaine Campbell will present ‘Educating Girls across the Social and Economic Spectrum in 19th Century Dunfermline’.

Elaine is well known to DHS members as our long time Treasurer. She is a retired Secondary School teacher with a deep knowledge of Scottish history and is a contributor to this website, primarily on the history of education. We would like to thank Elaine for stepping in at short notice to present this month’s talk.

As usual all visitors will be very welcome at the Abbey Church Halls.

Salt Production in St Monance and the Return of the White Gold

Dunfermline Historical Society

Thursday 18th Jan 2024

The remains of the salt pans and their attendant windmill at St Monance are to most of us well known landmarks of historic interest but they inspired Darren Peattie to renew salt production in the village after a gap of 250 years. In his talk he will tell the story of this ancient industry and it’s modern rebirth.

We welcome all to our first meeting of the new year at the Abbey Church Halls at 7:30 pm as usual.

Treasures from the Archives

Dunfermline Historical Society

16th November 2023 at 7:30pm

Sharron McColl will speak to us on “Treasures from the Archives – Local History at Dunfermline Carnegie Library & Galleries”

As usual we meet in the Abbey Church Halls, Abbey Park Place, Dunfermline and all will be welcome. Many of you will know Sharron, who is the Local Studies Supervisor at the DCLG from where she has assisted in the research for many of the articles published on this website. She has also spoken to us before, most recently in 2017, when her excellent talk told us the History of the Carnegie Hall.

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