The Picts – Three Videos

This is the second of our video postings and this time, instead of a presentation, we are featuring three films on The Picts. They have been made by the amateur historical film makers, Nigel Scott and Alan Short who have a number of excellent videos on their website, “Dip in Video.”

The first film in the series, “Symbols and Signs,” explains the current best thinking about the meanings of the symbols, illustrated by visits to many of the most impressive stones in North -East Scotland, where Nigel and Alan are based.

The second film, “Symbols and Statements,” continues to discuss the symbol stones. It describes attempts to “translate” the symbols by looking closely at those stones which have Latin or Ogham inscriptions in addition to symbols.


The final video, “History and Heritage,” discusses the historical development of the Pictish Kingdom and provides the context for the previous videos.

We are sure you will find these high quality videos really interesting and we would like to express out thanks to Dip in Video for allowing us to post these links.