Burntisland Videos

Burntisland Heritage Trust had, of course, had to cancel their usual summer exhibition last year. However, they have made a whole series of videos on local history, which are available, free, to all of us on their YouTube channel.

The videos are: –
− Burntisland Now & Then – A Town in Contrast
− Burntisland Blessings 2001
− Burntisland Burgh Chambers & Andrew Young Paintings Collection
− Burntisland Common Good Restoration Project
− History of Mary Somerville
− Kirkton Church Restoration Project
− Burntisland 1883 Harbour Area – (A must for railway enthusiasts)
− Albert Gunn’s Story – (Joining the RAF in WW2 and his experiences does not do it justice)
− Burntisland Inner Heritage Trail
− ALCAN – The People & The Place
− Portrait of a Town (3 parts)

This is one of the many interesting items included in Clish-Clash 45.