Polish Forces in Fife During WW2

In “There Was a Soldier, A Polish Soldier” George Robertson tells us the story of a Polish soldier of the Second World War who died in tragic circumstances at Middlebank, when the house was being used by the Polish Army as a Detention Centre.

Learn more about the Polish Forces in Fife at “Defend Dunfermline” Festival later this month.


The Volunteer Bazaar

In the mid 19th century, Volunteer Rifle Corps were being formed for defence against a perceived threat from France. The Dunfermline unit needed additional funding, so an ambitious event was organised. In “The Dunfermline Volunteers Bazaar” Sue Mowat tells the story of the hard-working ladies who ran it and gives us a vivid insight into the life of the town 150 years ago.

Lassodie War Memorial

In  response to George Robertson’s article on Lassodie, we received an interesting email from David Allan, whose grandmother was born in Lassodie. He sent us this article concerning two of the men commemorated on the war memorial.