BALH 6th Newsletter

The British Association for Local History, of which the Dunfermline Historical Society is a member, has published the sixth edition of their online newsletter.

Access to the Census Data

DHS recently received a letter from Richard Rodger, Emeritus Professor at the University of Edinburgh, pointing out the fact that although much census data has been digitised and made available on line, only an anonymised version, with names and addresses removed is available free. Full versions must be paid for. In his paper “Making the Census Count, Revealing Edinburgh 1760 to 1900” he makes the case for the free access, both for professional and local historians and for genealogists, and suggests what those with a specific interest could do to improve our access.

BALH 3rd e-Newsletter

The British Association for Local History have published their “3rd e-Newsletter“. It contains links to many talks and resources available on line, and I hope it may contain something of interest to our members.

Great Place Scheme

The September 2020 edition of the “Great Place Scheme Dunfermline” newsletter is now available. It contains interesting information on a geophysical survey of parts of Dunfermline Abbey, with links to further reading.

Clish-clash 42

Local History from Home

The latest newsletter from the Scottish Local History Forum, Clish-clash is now available. This is another special edition which it contains a lot more links than usual. These go to websites of general interest to those of us interested in Scottish Local History and also to researchers, who cannot access their usual libraries. Please have a browse by clicking the links.

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