The Poor School

At the end of the Eighteenth century Scotland, and Dunfermline had very limited school provision, but several religious societies were working to try to improve things. In “The Life and Times of the Poor School of Dunfermline” Jean Barclay describes the short, but not straightforward, history of the Charity or Poor School.

George Robertson, Keeper of Dunfermline Abbey and Palace

George Robertson (1835 to 1916), was a businessman and antiquarian who played an interesting part in the life of Victorian Dunfermline. As well as running a shop, he was an officer in the Dunfermline Rifle Volunteer Corps, contributed sketches to Henderson’s “Annals of Dunfermline”, was a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and was appointed by H.M. Board of Works as Keeper of the Abbey and Royal Palace. His namesake, and fellow local historian, George Robertson tells his story in “George Robertson FSA, Keeper of Dunfermline Abbey and Palace“.

Ye Murderer of Her Owne Childe

In “The Execution of Janet Mitchell – The Murderer of Her Owne Childe” Jean Barclay tells the tragic story of the last woman to be hanged in Dunfermline. This happened in 1709 and the case shows how differently people thought then, three hundred years ago.